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3-step Migration Process

Understanding Your Requirements

Goals + requirements: We will work closely with you to understand your business requirements so we can provide a quick and seamless migration process with minimal disruption.

Integration requirements
We will identify any integrations or data dependencies between SAASRAM and any other systems within your organization.

Validation strategy
We will create a comprehensive plan to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the migrated data. This involves defining test scenarios, conducting sample checks, and establishing a validation process to compare the migrated data with the source data.

Data governance
We will collaborate with your administrators to enforce data encryption, access controls, and other security protocols to safeguard data privacy to ensure data quality, integrity, security, and compliance within your organization.

Migrating your data

Data extraction: Collect all migrating data from your source system or database. This includes customer records, leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, custom objects, and associated metadata.

Data transformation: Apply modifications to align with SAASRAM's data model and meet data quality standards. These modifications can include data cleansing, standardization, deduplication, formatting, and mapping. 

Data Loading: After undergoing transformation, your data is prepared for loading and mapping into the relevant fields in SAASRAM.

Data validation and testing: Once the data has been loaded, we will conduct meticulous validation and testing to guarantee data integrity and confirm the successful completion of the migration process. This includes comparing the migrated data with the source data, conducting sample checks, and executing other relevant tests.

Post-migration care

Setup: Configure security settings, re-establish integrations with other systems, and update any workflows and automation rules.

Data governance: We will provide training on any changes or new features that will be introduced, encourage user engagement, and address any concerns or questions.

Security and compliance: Ensuring the protection of sensitive data before, during, and after migration. This includes transferring data securely and implementing the necessary permissions and controls.

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