Steps to … A Website Relaunch

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We’ve heard websites referred to as the “welcome mat” for your business.  We don’t disagree.  Your website is typically your first (and maybe only) opportunity to make an impression.  However, it’s often overlooked and under-resourced, especially for small businesses like ours.  As we slowly began to build out our brand story, we knew that it was crucial to update our website.  We needed the website to reflect design and messaging that clearly articulated our brand promise.  One of our biggest roadblocks as a SaaS disruptor has been to effectively convey our value as a revenue management solution.  So, before we started on the website relaunch, we had to first overcome an age-old design challenge: how to make something quite complex simple and easy to understand?  (The irony that this is exactly what our product does was not lost on us.)

The Wayfinders

Our new design was inspired by our mission to be the trusted revenue management guide.  We see our suite as a map, guiding businesses toward accelerated growth.  We want this map to help them to avoid common pitfalls and exceed their revenue goals.  To illustrate this concept, we took inspiration from subway maps and wayfinding signage.  We liked this design element because most people are familiar with using signs to find their way around. 

We didn’t think we’d ever be comparing our products to a subway map.  However, the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.  A subway brings you along a route with several stops and a clear destination.  In a similar way, the SAASRAM suite includes several “stops” within the revenue process, with a clear destination for accelerated growth and profitability.  You’ll find subtle nods to this concept throughout our marketing material.  It’s also included in our new newsletter, affectionately named The Wayfinder, after the ancient Polynesian practice of navigating the open oceans using deep knowledge.

A Better Way to SaaS

To complement our new design, we’ve clarified our messaging to highlight our brand promise.  This includes our new tagline: A Better Way to SaaS.  This new messaging was inspired by our co-founders’s experiences in the SaaS industry.  They have each felt the frustration of managing a traditional (costly and hodgepodged) tech stack and longed for a consolidated platform where they could streamline all of their revenue processes in a central location.  They believe consolidating key revenue processes minimize errors and revenue leakage and maximizes efficiencies and sales.  The SAASRAM™ Suite is this longing manifested into reality.  Our new messaging conveys this value in a concise, easy-to-digest way. 

Relaunch Highlights

Our new website illustrates different use cases for the SAASRAM™ Suite.  You’ll also find deep dives into each individual application included in the suite.  We’ve included long-awaited product demos, blogs and news.  We’ve also highlighted our trusted technology partners, who add tremendous value for our customers. 

We’re excited to continue to build out our site and prove to be the trusted guide for businesses in the SaaS revenue space, one step at a time.

Rachel Beck (Chief Creative Officer) + Dana Jung (Director of Brand)
The SAASRAM Suite subway map with different 'stops' along the revenue process
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